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Two days ago, I gave away one of the two kittens I had. They are two and a
half months old. I certainly do not regret doing it. The kitten went to a
wonderful girl who I know will take good care of the kitten and I am really not
up to having more than one cat. But for the last two nights the mother cat has
been crying -the cry she does every time she comes in and is calling her
kittens. She has been a very good caretaker. She does seem a bit bothered
with all her calling all night. Is that natural and will it eventually stop? Also I
don't understand why when she comes back inside (she has free access due
to a window) she does that cry even when the kittens were sleeping. It
seemed that she wasn't happy until they were up and responding. I have had
cats and kittens and I never have seen a mother cat do this. Any advice you
can give will be very appreciated as I am going to have to get a home for the
other kitten. Thank you.

Well yes this is a little unusual as at 2 and half months old they are certainly not too young to be rehomed and indeed the mother cat would be starting to think about giving them their independence.

All i can think is that your cat is a little more sensitive than others and is in a way grieving for the loss of her kitten or at least a little upset by its disappearance. Again this is a little unusual but not unheard of. However yes given time she will get over this. What she really needs is lots of distractions, new toys , more game times etc will help take her mind off things.

Perhaps if you could hold onto the other kitten for a few more weeks to help her through this period as this kitten will also help to take her mind off of things.

Night time is when cats are naturally more active anyway and sometimes the calling et is there way of getting attention at night when they want to play or have food etc. this can be a habit they get into if not careful, so do try not to get up for her at night time. in fact restricting access to your bedroom is a good idea. hard i know but it will help to break any habits which are forming.

best wishes Kate


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