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I found newborn cats in my garage i put them in a box and gave the mom food and water.left them out there. The next day wen i came home from school one died.Then one died later.
so i put them inside. there were 3 then that same night one was showing the same behavior. it wouldn't eat so i tried to do it.but it was coming out his mouth. i don't know if thats bad?
Then the next day wen i came home one was showing that behavior not long later he was gone . Theres one left i dont know how much time theres left its doing it too. why did they keep dying??what can i do to save it?

Sorry to hear of your losses. It can happen this way sometimes.

either they were born with some thing wrong with them genetically which would mean that they would dye anyway. or the mother cat is not able to produce milk which is vital for new borns.

new born kittens need a lot of special care if the mother cat cannot look after them, its almost a full time job for a few weeks.

new borns cannot eat solid food and need special milk which has to be fed to them in a special way. i have a web page about hand rearing new borns where you will find more information about on here

To be honest with you the kitten needs to see a vet urgently as it may now need intensive help to survive.

God bless you for trying to do what you can for this little family, its not always easy.

i wish you all the best kate


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