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My Parents have kitten on their farm - again...Our 8 year old cat is from there - so they are sisters essentially.
It is on a farm, and the kitty's are a bit shy...I printed out your instructions for how to slowly introduce the two of them - over a period of time and I was impressed with your advice.  Because it is an older you think that she may bond with the kitten - mother it in a sense?  The older cat is very mellow...I am afraid of disrupting her peace, or could it be possible that they would become friends?  I'm in a 99 year old house - and could use another "mouser"  Thanks for your response...the kittens will be given to a pet store within the next few days - so a quick response would be greatly appreciated...I don't want to make a bad choice! The older cat just moved with me and my daughter, and is used to being around 2 dogs. Thanks.  Laura

unfortunately there are no garantees when it comes to cat relationships. All you can do is introduce them in a calm and secure environement, give them lots of time and space to build on their relationship and see what happens.

In the worse case senariou they fight all the time no matter how long you give them, in which case you simply find the kittena new home.

Howver since your cat is use to other animals there is more of a chance that she will at least tolerate this other kitten, which is often what cats do and is no bad thing.

make sure the two cats have seperate eating bowls, litter trays (not near each other) and bedding etc. cats like their own space and the scent of another cat is often a threat.

I'm sure you will give it your best shot and fingers crossed all will be well.

best wishes Kate


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