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QUESTION: Our 2 yr old spayed tabby cat was in a fight with a male (un-neutered) barn cat Tuesday morning (3 days ago).  We interrupted the fight and rescued her.  She appears to have no serious injuries.  Now she is living under the bed in the guest bedroom.  She will let us pet her; eat food and kitty treats and comes out when no one is around to use the litter box.  She will not let us bring her out from under the bed.  She did come out yesterday for a treat when my husband came home from work but went right back under the bed.  What should I do?

I wouldn't worry too much. her behaviour is quite normal. It can take some cats some time to get over the shock and fear after a situation like that.

Just give her some time and space, she will come out in her own time once she has regained her confidence again.

If your behaviour is different she will pick up on this and it will make her feel even more uncertain.

best wishes Kate

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your prompt response.  Should I move her food and water nearer to her (instead of the kitchen) so she doesn't have to come out so far to eat?

No I wouldn't, it could just prolong her nervousness ie it would be too easy for her to stay under the bed.

she will come out when she is hungry and that will help her to get over her worries. She will realise that all is well when she comes out to eat.

Any changes ie the food being moved could add to her anxieties..

best wishes kate


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