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Hi, my name is Tanya. I took my 2 year old cat, Daisy, to
the vet on Monday, so they could check to see if she had
any ovarian tissue left after being spayed since she was
showing signs of being in heat. I brought her back from the
vet on Tuesday (yesterday). Our other cat is almost 5 years
old and her name is Jade. She is the mother to Daisy. So,
they know each other quite well. I am having a problem with
Jade, though. She keeps hissing and growling at Daisy. I
brought Daisy home yesterday early morning and today, she's
still hissing and growling at her. I have to keep them
separated since Daisy has stitches and I don't want them to
come out. When Daisy got spayed in November 2007, Jade only
hissed at her a couple of times and then she was fine. I
don't know what else to do. I want them to get along again.
I don't want Jade to end up attacking Daisy cause of the
stitches and she's been known to do that with other animals
that she wasn't familiar with. Any advice that you could
give me would be greatly appreciated. I'm loosing my mind
about this. They are both good cats and love each other.
Please help me! Thank you!!


don't worry this is a common issue with two cats after a vet visit.

the hissing is a sign of fear and the fear is probably caused by the fact your other cat smells of the vets. you could try rubbing the cat that went to the vets with her sleeping blanket to try and increase her scent and cover the vets smell. if this does not work then you will have to go through the re introduction process for your cats. this will increase their confidence in each other again.

the process is described here


Don't worry the problem should pass with just a little TLC and patience.

best wishes Kate


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