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We have a 3yr old indoor cat and recently he got outside, I saw him sitting in the garden and went to get him, went I bent down to pick him up he turned on me and hissed and growled, I had to herd him back into the house. When he was back in the house this behaviour continued and it looke like he was going to attack me. This lasted for 20 mins until he calmed down. Since then the same thing has happened 2 more times with the same behaviour except yesterday he did jump and attack my leg. We don't mean for him to get out but my husband sometimes forgets to close the screen tight. He only has this behaviour when he's been outside. Any answers or ideas?? Also it takes him longer to calm down each time this happens.

You did not mention if he was neutered or not.

It does sound like he may not be neutered and that his behaviour is of a frustrated male cat who wants to get outside. If he is not neutered then this would be a good option as it will help to calm him down a lot and also reduce his wander lust.

Aggression in cats can be caused by many things including fear, pain and instinct. I have written a web page about cat aggression which you may find of further help


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