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My year old cat has been shedding clumps of hair for about a week.  She is a very long haired cat and I just recently started letting her outside, which is when this all started.  I see no changes in her appitite or mood, but her coat seems greasy and not as soft anymore.  The clumps are coming from around her mane poof around her chest and her stomach.  I really do not want to have to take her to the vet if this is nothing huge, but I need advice

well it could be that because she now allowed outside that her metabolism is changing to the different temperatures etc out side and is making her shed her fur more vigorously.

Also do you groom her regularly? I used to have a maine coon cat and if not brushed a couple of time s a week the fur can clump and matt and then the cat will try and pull the clumps off (which can be painful).

Also check her for any mites or parasites she may have picked up outside. giving her regularly brushing and a monthly spot on treatment should keep her healthy.

The greasiness of the coat also suggests that she needs some grooming.

best wishes Kate

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