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Hello my name is Michael
I have 3 Cats ranging in ages from 5, 4, 1. My problem is with my 4 year old boy he is neutered.  Since we've had him hes had an accident every once in a great while pooping on a plastic bag or an enclosed nylon cat toy. But now he is pooping in one particular spot almost every day on the tile floor next to our front door. His box is cleaned everyday. And the spot where he goes is cleaned with cleaner every time. Hes up to date on all of his shots. I don't know what to do. Are there any ideas you have for me to try.

Their are two reasons for a cat to poop in the home, one he is ill ie a tummy upset or two it is caused by something which is upsetting him and he feels the need to scent mark this spot.

As he is doing it in one place it sounds more like the behaviour issue, known as Middening.

i have a web page about Middening which will be able to explain the problem and how you can try and stop the behaviour.

here is the page

The front door area is a very common place as it is where new smells are more prevalent and where cats outside can be smelt more easily. It may well be that a new cat is in the area and is scenting outside. Clean the outside area too to remove any foreign scents. Spraying a strong citrus scent can help in preventing other cats marking the area.

best wishes Kate  


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