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Cats/Cat not using litterbox anymore


We have had two cats for about 6 years now. They are brothers and get along
great. After we had a child last year we have had litterbox problems, with only
one of the cats. First he was pooping on the floor and then that stopped, but
for the past couple months he has been peeing on the floor just outside the
box. Although he has been doing it intermittently. We finally figured out that
the problem is that he won't pee in the box if the other cat has. If the other
cat has NOT peed in the box, he WILL use it. We've tried using two litter
boxes before and that didn't help matters, because the second cat was using
both boxes, resulting in the same problem. PLEASE HELP. We have had to tear
up our floors, which is going to cost a fortune to fix and my wife wants to get
rid of the cats now. I'm desperate for a way to figure this out! Any
suggestions that will help would be appreciated!

Well the only thing to do is to make sure that the cats use separate litter trays.

Make sure they are not near each other and to try and dissuade your other cat from using both trays transfer the scent of your other cat to this box. rub it all over with a blanket used by the other cat and hopefully once the troubled cat has used it for the first time this scent should stop another cat from using it.

You could give your troubled cat a period of litter training using the confinement method. this gives them time to get used to not only their own tray but also helps to build their confidence again in a smaller less stressful environment.

the process is described here on my web page, the second web page has more information about the causes of this issue



best wishes Kate


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