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Cats/Cats sneezing alot and stuffed up


I have two cats, one is about 10 years old and the other about 3 I have others but my concern is that the two that I am referring to have been sneezing alot and the 3 year old is stuffed up with both discharge from his eyes and nose. Do cats get colds? Do they have allergies? Any information that you can send me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !

the answer to your questions is yes they can get colds and yes they can have allergies.

Cats can get normal colds like the rest of and they usually pass in a few days, they are normally quite light. However cats can also get cat flue which is more serious. Please see my web page about cat flu here for information about this


Cats can also suffer from allergies too and again I have written a web page about this as a fuller explanation


I think these two pages should be able to provide much of the information you seek.

I hope your cats are back to their old selves soon.

best wishes Kate


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