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I have a 6 year old Maine Coon mix. Yesterday he hid under my bed all day, a place where he hasn't been since I first got him. He had eaten and used the litter box. Today, he came out of hiding for a while, but was constantly flicking and twitching his tail around and would suddenly dart off somewhere, lay down for a while and dart off again. I came home today and he was being really affectionate with me but then darted off under the bed. Its Saturday evening and no vets are open until Sunday, so I am not really sure what to do. I can't even tell if he is just exhibiting some weird behavior or if there is something physically wrong. Any ideas? He is neutered and strictly indoors.

well it sounds to me like either something has spooked him and made him skittish or he is being affected by either a parasite or an allergy of some sort.

It sounds more like the latter to me, my own cat has periods like this when she is bitten by something which has given her an allergic reaction. She runs around shaking her tail and tries to find a hiding place to get away from the irritation.

Of course I can not be sure but I don't think it is somehting to be overly worried about at the moment, if the behavior continues on Monday then it could be worth having a vet take a look incase she has some sort of mite on her or is reacting to a bite.

I hope he is better soon
best wishes Kate


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