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My family has three inside male cats(from the same litter) Recently one of them started hissing and growling at anyone and everything and even tore into my sisters arm/hand. We don't understand his behavior and would like an opinion on why he does this. We love him and don't want to get rid of him but we are afraid he will hurt someone else, as of right now my sister is the only one he has bit/scratched  and he hasn't shown aggression to the other cats or the two female inside dogs we have.

cat aggression can be caused by several things from fear to pain.

I have written a web page about cat aggression which i feel will help you with this issue.

here is the page


As with any change in behaviour it is always advisable to have a cat checked by a vet to rule out any underlining illness or pain.

I would wait to see if his behaviour is the same with other people etc, if not then it could simply be that for some reason he is afraid of your sister. this can sometimes be something silly like her smell or perfume. She could try bonding with your cat to try and gain his confidence. I also have a web page about how to bond with a cat so that they are not afraid of you here


Best wishes Kate


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