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My cat is 1 year old, she has a litter tray inside and goes outside via her cat flap and she can come and go as she pleases. As far as i am aware she has not toileted outside and will come in to use the litter the go back out again. Although she uses her litter tray, she will also wee and poo in my bath and sink and on the floor in the bathroom and our bedrooms. She has also scratched everything in our house inc doors, walls, sofas, carpets, beds and wooden furniture, however she has three scratch posts which i have tryed to encourage her to use. I was told that if i let her go outside then the scratching and toileting problems i have been having would get less as she would be doing these things outside and less inside, however it has not stopped her at all and my husband wants me to get rid of her. What can i do to stop this behaviour, and if i can not what is the best thing to do?

Regarding the scratching the furniture issue can I ask that you take a look at my web page about this issue, there are some measures you can take to try and make the furniture not so attractive to the cat ie sticky patches or strong citrus scent. It is explained more on my web page.

as for the in door urination etc, well it is unusual that a cat who has access to the outside to still feel the need to scent mark their territory. I am assuming that she is spayed, if not then this could be one of the causes as un spayed cats feel the need to scent more than other cats.
Again this is a very complex issue which I had to write a web page about to try and explain all the possible causes and how best to try and tackle the issue.



i hope my pages are able to help.

best wishes Kate


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