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Hello Kate,

So yesterday afternoon (June 27th) my cat Kiki gave birth. Three of her babies were born dead, and one alive. The one that is alive is not nursing from Kiki's teats. We are very concerned!!!
My sister and I will be leaving for two months this Thursday leaving Kiki and her newborn with my dad. My dad has a full-time job so he will be unable to feed the baby with a syringe every two hours. How do we know if Kiki has milk? We have tried to force the one-day old against Kiki's chest and tried to put the baby's mouth against it but she's not sucking. We aren't sure Kiki even has milk so we tried to squeeze one of the teats but it seems dry?

We are extremely worried!!! We need the baby to start feeding from Kiki ASAP. Two hours ago we thought we almost lost her because she was moving alot, maybe she has heart problems? She cries very often and Kiki tries to comfort her all the time.

Please ANSWER right away, we want the baby to make it!

Can I point you in the direction of my web pages about kitten care including how to hand raise new born kittens as I think you will find all the information you need there


I hope my pages help and I hope the little fella makes it.

best wishes Kate


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