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dear kate
i just recently adopted a kitten and i brought him home for the first couple of hours he was fine while he was exploring his new surroundings but as soon as he got comfortable he starting scratching and just wanting to be playful i know that its normal for kittens to be really playful but he isnt normally playing he does it so much that its becoming a problem. he even scratches my daughter and i when were sleeping resulting in us getting no sleep we take him out of the room and he'll sit by the door crying all night not letting us sleep. my daughter and i are rarely home and were gone for long periods of the day so i was wondering if its maybe a result in like separation anxiety or something else?

well yes you could be right, it may be a form of separation anxiety but it could also be that he is under stimulated. As you know kittens are full of energy and mischief and if there environment is is not stimulating enough he will display behaviour such as scratching and crying etc.

kittens can be hard work, all you can do is to make sure that from the beginning you lay down the rules of behaviour, this is done with positive negative discipline as described here


And with a full and enriched home environment. I have some web pages that could help with that too


best wishes Kate


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