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Cats/my kitten has alot of worms and i dont know how to get rid of them


Question about 5 month old kitten has worms.ive only seen them come out of her very worried for she is my life.i dont know how to treat her and my mom cant afford to take her to the vet.the worms are about 2 cms long.from what ive read there roundworms.there were also some really small ones,about the size of a grain of rice,so i figuerd it was a tapeworm...ive read about 5 articles on how to treat her but all they said was "take your kitten to the vet".i cant i was wondering if there was any way i can treat her with home made stuff.or over the counter stuff.i think she got it from drinking whole milk(i got her from a friend and she didnt have it then).but i also have an older male cat that plays with affraid he might catch or already have it,and i have an older dog and im affriad of him catching it as well.(he likes eating out of the cat box:/...) really worried about my kitten.i dont want anything to her.she is the only thing that keeps me happy at my if there is anything i can do to get her worm problem gone,please tell me.

unfortunately when you own a cat one of the responsibilities you have is to be able to pay for medications and vet bills etc, something may happen to your cat in the future that would mean expensive vets bills. You have to decide if you could afford this or not and may want to consider getting some pet insurance (thatys what I did and it saved me lots of money over the years)

Anyway regarding the worms. well really a kitten should be seen by a vet to be sure. But there are some over the counter worm treatments availble that should be able to help. Visit your local pet store and ask for some advice on their products.

I have a web page about cat worms which you may find of further interest here


best wishes Kate


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