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Hi there.

i have been just bitten by a kitten . wanted to know if its dangerous?.

i brought a kitten from my school . her mother is a wild cat n hate human so do he . i catch him in some cloth n bring to my home ( want to keep him as a pet) . when i free him from cloth he try get off from me i try hold him so he bitten on my finger . stuck teeth in my finger for few seconds it was painful.......i washed with saop . do i need a doctor ? is it dangerous?

i love cats, i had one for 8 years , then she was lost few months back.......seeing this kitten tempt me to make her my per friend........he is hiding behind my bedroom curtain now.......he is about 2 months old .

waiting for ur answer.....


cats do have bacteria in their mouths which can cause an infection if not cleaned properly. make sure you put some antiseptic o cream on it and keep it clean and dry for a few days, put a paster on. if the wound starts to look red or swollen then you should really get some proper medical advice from your doctor. It is probably not very serious but it is alway better to be safe then asorry.

As for this kitten, if he is a feral kitten there are no garnttees that he will ever like humans, you would also have to make sure that he is flea free, has his shots and is neutered after 4 months old. this can be expensive, so make sure you can afford this.

Importunately it is probably better that this kitten is taken to an animal shelter to see if they can find a home for him where he can roam free but is also protected with vaccinations and cannot breed and cause more unwanted kittens.

best wishes Kate


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