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QUESTION: my cat is a cross 4 Persian and tabby. his name is Garfield he is a red fluffy cat and he i 1.he sleeps outside and comes in all day and just sleeps. when i put him out he normally sits at the window in the morning to get in but he didnt.i had swimming in the morning and i thought he would be back by then ,we had a guest coming to our house that day.when i came back  he wasn't there .we live on a farm so i looked in the sheds to see if he got locked in but no sign .i called all my neighbors and they never seen him .my cats has all his vaccines and hes neutered . he wasn't wearing his coolr wen he went ,my neighbor seen him but he couldn't catch him ,he called us and said he ran up a road,we followed it .our other neighbors seen him on there farm so we had a look there .we have all our neighbors looking for him.he is my baby and i cried for days .he is gone for a week to day and its not like him to do afraid something happend to him

I am sorry to hear that your cat has wandered off.

I'm not sure what i can say really as there is no way of really know where he is and what has happened. All I can say that this is not uncommon and happens to lots of people. Some cats come back some do not. Some come back in a few days done take weeks and weeks, there is no way of telling.

All I can do is to point you towards my web page about lost cats which has some information about what you can do to try and find your cat. here is the page

I will keep my fingers crossed that he returns soon. But if he does not, do not blame yourself and understand that cats are essentially wild animals and choose to do what they want when they want.

best wishes Kate

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QUESTION: hi my cat came back the day you replied you my letter.but he is very unsettled,i am keeping him in alot now but when i let him out he trys to runaway is this normal

great to hear that your cat returned.

My question to you is how do you know he is running away? I say this because he came back so that would suggest that he just being a normal cat and when he gets outside he is off on his wanders doing all the normal catty things then comes home again when ready. If he is not not neutered then it is very normal for him to go off for a few days looking for females and marking and defending his territory. To stop this and unwanted pregnancies have him neutered. This will make him a more contented less frustrated and calmer cat who will be happier to stay closer to home and not go on this long wanders.

i would say that as your cat came home he is happy to be and live in your home (after all they do choose to stay with us we can't make them).

Best wishes Kate

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QUESTION: my cat is newterd.and everytime he is let out he trys to get away,he is crying at the door allot to.we had he neutered .he never ran away before.

Well something must have changed either in the home or outside it to make your cat want to go out. It sounds to me like there could be a new cat in the area outside which your cat can smell and is making him want to go out and defend his territory. he would do this by going off and marking his territory. this territory can be quite large.

This is not unusual behaviour even though your cat is neutered they are still driven by instinct and when they know there is a new cat in the area this instinct will kick in.

i would say that it is unlikely that he wants to run away, he probably just wants to go and mark and defend his territory.

you will have to make the decision as to whether or not you are happy for him to go out and do this or not. However you will not be able to stop him wnting to go and do it.

make sure his home environment has lots of things to keep him occupied and amused, this will act as a distraction from anything happening outside. I have a web page about how you can make the indoor environment stimulating enough for a cat here


best wishes Kate


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