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Cats/6 yr old male neutered cat pooping outside of litter box


Just in the last few weeks our 6 yr old male neutered cat is pooping occasionally outside of the litter box. At this point it is usually on a rug I have next to the box that the extra litter & food are housed in locked containers. Nothing has changed except from time to time we change his Science Diet food from adult to diet or dental varieties. Any ideas of what might be happening. Otherwise he seems very normal. Thanks!

well all i can say is that something has happened or changed. Cats only display this behavior when they are either ill or something has caused them to feel insecure or unsettled in their home.
I am asked this question a lot and it is very difficult to answer as there cna be many possible causes. I have there fore written a web pages/s on my web site covering this issue with suggestions as to possible causes and also how to try to over come it.

Here is the first page

best wishes Kate


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