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I recently got another cat after one of mine died. She was 7 weeks when I got her (I know this is young...but she was at a shelter without her mommy). At first we noticed that she would pee on our bed if we let her on it. So we obviously stopped letting her on our bed. But then she started peeing on the couch. I couldn't tell if she was just having accidents or if she was marking. Well now I am almost sure she is marking. She has been to the vet and been given a clean bill of health. She continues to pee on the couch. She has pees in the other cat's bed. I am using Nature's Miracle to clean. I even pull the covers off the cushions and put them in the wash. My other cat is one year old a spayed. I have never had a cat have marking problems. My two cats appear to get along. The kitten has not been spayed yet because she is too young. After some begging the vet said she would spay her at 4 months (in 2 weeks), but she said this "may help". May help wasn't exactly what I wanted to here.
My question is once cats start marking will they stop once they are spayed?

no this should not be a permanent situation. your cat is marking for several reasons one to obviously mark this new territory but also it helps to calm them down and settle into their new home if there scent is everywhere. it is quite a common problem.

Please see my page about this issue here


You will need to help your kitten feel more confident in her new home, this is done using the confinement method described here


You may have to repeat the process several times but the problem should stop and once she is spayed this will also help her to be a more relaxed kitty.

best wishes Kate


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