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We have 2 male cats who are brothers and we have had from being 10 wks old, they are now 1 and have always got along fine.  One got ran over and was at the vets for 9 days.  It returned home and the other cat is now hissing at him and wont go near him and I am worried about how to resolve this.  The injured cat has to be nursed for 6 weeks when I will return to work but have concerns about leaving them alone.  Help??  thanks.

Don't worry this is a very common problems, especially after a vet visit or operation.

basically your cat is scared by the other cat, they probably smell a little different, make look a little different, may even be behaving a little different. Cat express their fear with aggression.

basically what needs to be done is to help the cats find their confidence with each other again and this has to be done in a controlled, safe, secure and calm environment. unfortunately this does take a little time and effort on your part but is worth it in the end for your cats.

the process is described on this web page


Best wishes kate


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