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Cats/Cat doesn't want to eat and has diarrhea.


I found a cat in my neighborhood that is really thin and I can feel his spine. He has no owner and I decided to take him into my home. I have try feeding him and does not want to eat. I try giving him wet food and he will lick the juices for a little bit, but mostly he does not finish it at all. I try dry food and does not eat it. He seems very tired and recently he has diarrhea. I do not now if this was cause by him eating wet food. help....

well this cat may have some underlining illness which is causing him difficulty in eating. Also if he has not eaten properly for some time, food could give him a upset tummy too.

It really does sound like this cat would benefit greatly from a visit to the vets to find out what could be causing him trouble eating (he may have bad teeth which make it hard for him to eat). th vet will also be able to help with his digestive issue. dehydration can set in very quickly and needs to be kept in check quickly.

i do hope the vet can help this little guy quickly as it sounds like he has had a bit of hard time of it lately on the streets.

best wishes Kate


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