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Hello. My cat, Harley, has been urinating on my bed for four nights in a row. He has done this several times before, but never so close together. Normally it is caused by what I think is separation anxiety. I caught him outside of my grandfather's house as a young kitten and ever since he has been extremely attached to me. I have researched this question, but haven't found any help. How else do you know if your cat has a urinary tract infection other than urinating on bed, clothes, etc.? He is using his litter box but why is he urinating on my bed once a day for four days now? Can you help me? Thanks for your time.

I think the best way for me to answer this question for you is to ask you to read my two web pages about cat urinating reasons and also one about urinary infections in cats. Hopefully the pages will give you the information you need to understand this very common and upsetting issue.

here are the pages



Just to let you know that the bed is a very common place for this behaviour to occur. its because it smells strongly of you so this is comforting too him and he is trying to add his scent to this area to confirm his place in the home.

You may want to try the litter training process mentioned on the pages to see if this helps him regain some confidence etc.

best wishes Kate


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