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okay i have never once in my life when owning a cat. ever had an issue like this .. okay my older cat passed away last year in july a few months later we got a young tabby, well at frist he was normal played and enjoyed himself eats like a pig and is on a diet. reccently before i go to bed the cats want out so i let both my boys out leo frist then stich, Well stich 5 minets out wants back in so i do he comes in munches on somethign and yets a drink and wants back out daily rout of the night. ever once in awhile. he will do this act i never seen him do untill reccently he will meow all night at the door i got to let him out befori can sit down he meows even more so i go to see wahts up when i pick him up he dose his normal bite your hand and lick it. and i set him down. soon after he dose his meowing once more to a point were its 1 am so i let him out but he dosent go out he waits for me to step out with him and then i go in and he follows so i pick him up and ask him whats wrong and see what he dose well he lays next to me for alittle and around 2 am he dose it agian so i repeat what i do let him out i have even steps out side adn walked around with him to see what is goign on. well nouthin so i go inside and he follows its when i say no more im going to bed he stuck inside for the night he start his meowing agian and it last for a good half hour till i get up and walk around the house know he runs after me gose ot the back door wants out gose to the window wants out even the front door and i m like i cant do this so i open one of the doors and he dosent go out he sits there so i go lay down after closeing the door 4 am he keeps meowign i only got 10 minets of sleep or alittle more before i let him out and he is fine. Whats going on got an idea for this strange behaver out of all the cats i have ever had he is yet to be the stranges male i have had yet.

well in my opinion I don't think anything strange is going on he has simply learnt this behaviour. Learnt behaviour liken this can have no reason its just a habit.

he is used to meowing and you getting up and giving him attention. he has learnt that he meows and you come, that's great for him. cats like attention, it does not necessarily mean he wants something.

My own cat can be like this if you let her, we have to ignore her on days like this. She soon goes and settles down somewhere when she realises she is not getting anywhere.

Unfortunately that is your only choice. once you know you have fed them and given them what they need, you have to decide to ignore the rest until they have learnt that when they cry all the time they don't get the attention.

best wishes Kate


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