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I have a 6-7 month old kitten with a mouth sore that has made a big "dent" inside her upper lip. I toke her to the vet he looked at it and said it is a tumor and he would have to remove it and send it to a lab(150-200 dollars) I'm just wondering if it could be anything else? We don't have the money to spend on lab work

Unfortunately the only way to properly diagnose lumps and growths is to have them tested in the lab and yes this costly. I had to go through a similar experience with my own cat who had a growth on her ear, i ended paying a lot (luckily i was insured) to have it tested and it turned out to be a non cancerous tumour but one which would continually regrow and so had to have half her ear removed to prevent this.

In your case unfortunately growths do tend to mean some sort of tumour but not necessarily cancerous ones, but they do need to be tested as with all tumours the quicker the diagnosis the better the outcome.

Sorry i was not able to give you a different answer.

best wishes Kate  


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