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Hello. My cat, who is a year and a half old - gave birth yesterday to two deformed stillborn's. About four and a half hours ago she gave birth to a boy - who is a reasonable size, has no abnormalities and seems healthy. But I fear she has rejected him. I have tried separating her WITH kitten to encourage her to bond, she stuck her nose up and wanted out of the room. I have another nursing queen and tried to get her to adopt him, she also wasn't interested. So I got his mum to feed the other queens kitten, which she's tried to adopt lately (But they are 4weeks old), when she settled to feed I put her kitten on the teat. When he fell off and 'meow'd' she sniffed him and licked a little. So I observed, hoping they were finally bonding. After a while she stuck her nose up again and walked away - and now she has no sense of urgency towards him.

So I am considering to hand rear him. This isn't my first litter and I have a lot of experience with kittens, but not hand rearing.
I understand it is time consuming and is hard - but I think it is my only choice to get him to survive, or at least have a chance to. As I wasn't prepared for her 'rejection' I have no fomula right now to feed him and I will be able to get some within a couple of hours hopefully. But my main question is, I know I have to become his Mum practically, but how will I get him to see me as Mum - make him more comfortable when I feed him, and help him urinate and defecate? Also will I have to carry him around the house with me at all times? And is my body heat enough for him other than his bedding being a snuggly blanket?

I'm in the UK if that helps with your answer. Thank you in advance.

well yes your right it is time consuming hand rearing a kitten but yes it is certainly worth it.

i have written several pages about rearing kittens including hand rearing which you may find of interest here



As to weather your body heat is enough, yes i would say so as the mother cat would normally use her body heat to keep them warm.

i wish you every success in your endeavour and i hope the little chap pulls through

best wishes kate


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