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I recently adopted my new 6 week old Kitten, and my roommate said he would watch her while i was at work.  My Kitten has only lived with us for 4 days not and is still very scared.  when frieghtened, she will run and hide in my closet.  i found out that while i was away, he would bring her in our living room, and shut the door to my room, so she couldn't run into my room/closet and hide from him.  This upset me very much, and i need to know, am i just being over protective, or could this actually be bad for my new kitten

well I wouldn't overly worry about this, yes it would have be nicer for the kitten if they could do there own thing and be allowed to find their own confidence in their own time and way. But as long as your room mate was not forcing her to be picked up etc then she will not be too adversely affected, kittens learn quickly and are very adaptable to new situations.

A hiding kitten is no bad thing it just means that they have found a place that they feel safe in until they are more sure of their new home etc. In fact allowing a cat this space will give them more confidence in the future and would probably only have lasted  a week or so.

I have lots of pages about kitten care, bonding with cats and generally tips on how to best take care of a cat. You may find the first kitten page of interest as it is a general page which also talks about the sensitive period etc which is important to a kittens development. Here is the page

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