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I have a two year old female cat who is spayed.  Recently a tom cat has been coming into my house and spraying on my furniture and terrorising my cat.  They got into a fight last week which resulted in a costly vet bill for me as she was bitten in two places plus had numerous scratches.  I have now resorted to locking my cat in the house when I'm not there because the tom is always lurking around waiting to start a fight. He has also been in other houses down the street, those also with female spayed cats, starting fights etc with them.  I have no idea how to handle this situation because firstly I do not know where this cat lives and secondly my cat is starting to act fearful in her own house.  She hides under the bed and yowls whenever she senses him nearby.  I'm not sure what he's after, it definitely isn't to mate so what could it be and how do I get him to stop coming back?  Thanks very much.

well this is all about territory I'm afraid and the behaviour the tom cat is displaying is completely normal.

I too have a tom cat in the area who sprays everywhere and stalks every other cat in the street. Unforutantely there is not much you can do, it is the natural behaviour for cats, especially toms cats.

Usually what happens is that all the cats sort out there own place in the situation i.e dominant or submissive. It usually  sorts itself out in the end but unfortunatelu injuries can occur. Perhaps keeping your cat inside for a few days to get over the truama and also this give you time to spray your outside doors and walls etc with a strong lemon scent which often helps to deter other cats. this may help but unfortunately there are no guarantees.

best wishes Kate


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