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Hi there! I'm really just looking for some reassurance, having never had cats before. I have two 18-month-old cats, siblings, one male, one female, both neutered. I've had them since they were 6 weeks old. They are indoor and outdoor cats though, this summer, they have been mostly outside now for several weeks and seem to thrive on it, though both have lost weight. They both show up daily for food and a wee pet, lie around for a bit and then trot off. Bailey, the male, is pretty adventurous and sometimes disappears for longer. This time he was away for 4 days and I was very anxious about him. However, he returned safe and healthy and affectionate, if rather skinny. I have noticed today that he is rather more easily startled than usual and that he clings to me much more than is typical for him (although he is normally a very cuddly cat). We live in a rural area of Scotland and there is no real danger from predators. I just want to know if this length of absence is typical of cats who enjoy the outdoors. Basically, can I stop worrying about him?!

The female, Jeeves, never wanders far from home, though she is much more cautious in nature. They are both good hunters.

Frankly, I'm looking forward to the winter, when they'll be mostly inside. It'll be better for my nerves!

no completely normal especially due to their age, full of energy etc. I assume you have also kept their vaccinations up to date as they are more susceptible outside. I'm sure you have as you have had them neutered/spayed.

I know the feeling though, my cat in winter won't go out for love nor money but summer, well sometimes I wonder if I have a cat at all :)

best wishes Kate


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