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Hi there,
I just lost my oldest cat and seen that my 10 month old was getting very lonely so I went and got a 6 week old kitty so that they could play together. However, my 10 month old only growls and hisses at the cat (but no aggression yet like swatting). She will not come into my room any more because that is where the kitten hides. The 10 month old is now growling and hissing at me when I go to pick it up (also without agression). She also no longer really plays with me, instead she growls will kind of playing, like she wants to play but is looking for the kitten. She also growls when ever she hears the kitten meow, even if it is from a different room. How do I make the interactions better for my older cat. I can tell that she is not enjoying the environment and does not leave the window unless she needs to eat or use the litter box.

unfortunately this is a misstake amny cat owners make when they loose one cat and feel that their fremaining cat is lonely. often what is really happening is that the remaining cat is sort of grieving for their lost playmate, not that they know they have died, just that they are no longer around. this period of grieving is normal and is something that the cat will get over within a few months.

Cats are not naturally pack animals and unless brought up with other animals from an early age find it very difficult to get used to another cat.

having said all of this now that you do have another cat the best thing to do is to get the cats used to each other in such a way as that a lot of the fear is eliminated and so they can at least live in harmony even if they never fully become friends.

the process for introducing cats can be a little prolonged and does take time and effort on your part but it is worth it in the end.

the process is described here

Take it slow and calmly and hopefully after a while they will both settle down into a more relaxed and peaceful existence together.

best wishes Kate  


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