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i have 2 cats 1 is female and 1 is male the female is the mother of my male cat and is about 1 years old. yesterday i gave my male cat a bath with coconut shampoo and as soon as he got out my female cat started hissing and attacking him and she did it again today i'm afraid she doesn't know him anymore can u help me please im worried about them??

opps, cats react very strongly to scents and it is always recommended that you never put any scented products on a cat.

In this case your female cat is reacting because your male cat smells strange to her and this has frightened her.

You will need to try and get the smell off of your male cat. Rub bicarbonates of soda through his fur and then brush out thoroughly, this should reduce the smell.

You may then also have to go through a period of re introduction for your cats to help build confidence again in each other. the process for this is described here


This is a common problem often encountered after one cat goes to the vets and smells of the vets surgery. But once the scent is gone and the cats have been given time to become re-acquainted again things should be back to normal again.

bets wishes Kate


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