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I have a 2 yr. old cat (short all black glossy short coat) who seems healthy, except that she throws up her food maybe 3 times a week undigested right next to her bowl.  I brush her every day and feed her Iams indoors, hairball remedy, low fat dry food and water only. There is no hair in her vomit.  Since she seems otherwise to have energy, etc., should I just not worry about it?  Any suggestions?

this sounds to me like she may be eating her food too quickly or not chewing it before swallowing.

this is either caused by a bad tooth or she is eating too much too quickly this happened to my own cat).

Check inside her mouth to see if you can see any bad teeth or thick plaque which could be causing her discomfort when she eats, so she just swallows. If you think there is a problem then a trip to the vets is in order.

if you think her teeth are fine then you could try feeding her smaller amounts more often throughout the day. that way she can't eat too much in one go. She will get used to the new routine after a while. Also make sure that where she eats is a nice safe quite area. She should feel safe when she eats and not nervous, which can also cause cats to eat too quickly.

Best wishes Kate


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