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Cats/kitten throwing up


I have an 11 week old male kitten we have had him for about 3 weeks and he seems to throw up once every 3 to 4 days. The vet said they checked for parasites in his sample and they found nothing should I be concerned?

well if the vet has checked him out recently and has found nothing wrong then it may be his diet which is too rich for him or he may be the sort of cat who eats too fast.

Make sure that the food you are feeding is suitable for kittens of his age, they can have very delicate tummies at this age.

if you think he may be eating too fast. try feeding him smaller amounts but more often that way he can't et too much at once causing him to be sick.

If the sickness continues after you have made the changes then i would take him to the vets again for another check up.

best wishes Kate


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