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I'm at my wit's end and wondered if you can possibly give me some advice.
We recently got an 8 week old male ginger kitten and it sometimes urinates on the bed instead of the litter tray. I've tried using a water spray, covering the beds with plastic shower curtains etc, but nothing is working. I'm cleaning the areas thoroughly with an enzyme cleaner to stop him going back but this has not worked either. He is now 9 weeks old and has had his first vaccinations. He uses the litter tray for soiling and sometimes urinating but if I don't watch him constantly he sits and urinates on the bed. My son would be devastated if I have to return him, so I'm desperate for some advice.
I wondered if it's behavioural (he's had a full checkup at the vet) or if it's territorial as we have another old male cat who sometimes comes in who belongs to a neighbour.
I have had cats all my life and never encountered this problem before!
Thanks so much for your time

well yes it probably is territorial but it could also be a method to make himself feel more at home and more secure in his home as the scent of his urine helps to calm them. Beds are classic areas that they choose to go in because it smells most strongly of you which also helps to comfort them and by adding there own scent is a sort of way of saying I am a part of this home too.

In cases like this I would recommend a period of litter training using the confinement method. this helps to reduce any stress and also helps to confirm there relation ship with their litter tray. The process may have to be repeated several times before it sticks as it were. By the way, skirting them with water will not work and may in fact make things worse as all they will do is become more stressed and may even become fearful of you, they won't make the connection with the urination.

Any way the litter training method is described on my web page here

best wishes Kate  


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