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Cats/leaving my 1 yr. old persian at parents house


I shall be travelling abroad for 10 days and I want to leave my cat at my parents's house. I regularly take him there, so as he gets used to the surroundings, he purrs but then hides behind the sofa, when he comes out he comes near my feet looks at me and meows. I dont want to cause  him any stress. I'm afraid he won't eat as as he is always with me. Thank you. Looking forward to your reply

I really wouldn't worry too much. The behaviour you describe is perfectly normal and I would expect that when you leave him with your mum and dad that he will spend the first few days hiding under somewhere but this is ok and as long as he has fresh food and water near by he will be fine.

after a few days he will relax and be fine. Your parents should just let him do things at his own pace and not try and approach him first. A gentle voice and the offer of food will be enough at first and then as he becomes more confident he will go to them.

cats are very good at adapting to new situations, it may take a little time but he will be fine. Even if they do not eat at first they will once they are hungry if food is available.

It is perfectly normal also for you to be worried about leaving your cat for the first time (i know I did) but they will be fine.

best wishes kate


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