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Cats/I'm really worried I might have to rehome my cat - but we can't get him to get along with my other cat.


I have three cats - Devo (3), Dexter(6), and Pajamas(1).  We adopted Pajamas a few months ago and ever since then it has been a nightmare with Dexter.  Dex has started peeing all over the apartment and if Pajamas is in the area he will growl and hiss and then run away and hide.  Pajamas basically ignores Dexter - or tries to play with him on occasion, only to have Dexter growl and run away.

Our vet cleared Dexter for a UTI and told us that we would just have to keep the to cats separated.  That worked great and although we have tried to reintroduce the two cats the same thing happens.  We tried putting 3 litter boxes up around the house but Dexter won't use them unless Pajamas isn't around. Now we are moving to a smaller apartment and can't have a spare room to lock Dexter up in.  
I really don't want to rehome them - please help.

Can i suggest that you try a period of confinement for your new cat with his litter tray etc for a bout a week ( process described here at bottom of page /cat-litter-box.html ) then I would start to re introduce him to your other cats using the process described on this page /introducing-cats.html )

If doing both of these things simply does not work, then sadly you may have to accept that this cat just cannot live with other cats. Sometimes this is just the case. but try these methods first. they are designed to give your cat space to become confident with his new situation without the fear of other cast being around etc.

i hope it works out for you all

best wishes Kate


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