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We have a male kitten that we got at 8 weeks (& is now 4 months old) Sadly we have not been able to successfully litter train it. Most days it will pee and pooh in its litter tray but doesn't always cover its pooh and always also poohs outside the tray in the shower area. It also pooh's on beanbags (which we have now removed) and has poohed on our sofa 3 or 4 times. A few weeks ago the kitten started poohing in its own (fabric) basket for several days then stopped and started last week peeing in it daily. After 3 days I removed the basket (the daily washing got too much !)so now it pee's daily on a sofa and chair. Its litter tray is cleaned daily (as is the shower area) and litter replaced every 10 days. A few days ago it decided to pee on the bathroom floor and pooh next to the toilet.  We are getting frustrated as we have 5 children and live with all bedroom doors permantly shut (to prevent it peeing on our beds!)and toys on all sofa's in a unsuccessful attempt to prevent it peeing on them. Please help



this is a common problem and one which may have many causes.

i have written a special section on my website to try and explain many of the possible causes of this behaviour as a little understanding can sometimes help to solve the situation. I also have a page about litter training. it involves a period of confinement for the cat which give them time to adjust to a smaller area as well as become more familiar with the litter tray.

Where you also have a cat that finds it difficult to keep to his litter tray there are two other options to also help, one is to try with a covered tray (perhaps with the door off0 to try and make sure that they keep everything inside, it also helps to contain the smell and so is less confusing to the cat. Also there is a litter called cat attract which is designed to encourage a cat to use the tray.

Any way all of this information is on my site I will give you the links to these pages for ease. hope they are helpful




best wishes Kate


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