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hi. 3 months ago, a kitten off the street started coming to my house. he comes and goes through my window and always finds food and fresh water at my home. he comes to sleep and cuddle too. we have spent a lot of time together now. i also got him vaccinated and neutered. now i am moving homes. i feel guilty about taking him with me because i will live in a high-rise building and he will not have any freedom to come and go as he does now. i also dont want to leave him because i'm attached to him. other nighbours here also feed him and like him, so i know he will be okay here. but he goes to no one else like he comes to me.
please advise me on whether its the right thing to take him to a life in an apartment, or leave him here with his freedom. help!

well it all depends on whether you consider him our cat or not. If he is then he is your responsibility and you should either take him with you and hope that he will be able to settle into a inside life or you need to find him a perminent owner, perhaps one of the other neighbours.

There are many who say that cats can adjust to an inside life as long as their home life is full of stimulating things for them to enjoy please see this page for some ideas


My personal opinion is that cats which have been used to going outside will find it difficult to adjust. But this is only my opinion and does very much depend on the individual cat.

So there is really no right or wrong answer here. It is more about your relationship with the cat and how you feel this particular cat will cope with a change in lifestyle.

best wishes Kate


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