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My parents rescued a stray kitten about 2 weeks ago.  She is a 6 month old female.  She has not been spayed yet.  She was examined by a vet and is in good health.  Her disposition has been sweet and playful.  Yesterday, totally unprovoked she attacked my father.  He was standing in the room with her, she stared him down, growled and jumped up at him.  After letting her calm down, she attempted this two more times.  She actually took a chunk of skin out of his cheek.  The only thing we can think that has set her off is that my parents have been trying to introduce her to their cat.  They stacked baby gates in the doorway of the "new kitty" room and left the house for the day (they did not know they should NOT have done this).  When my father came home, the kitty had climbed all the way to the top of the gates.  Perhaps the kitty and their cat had a fight through the gates while they were gone?  Other than this, we are at a loss as to why the kitty is now acting this way.  She won't go near my father and continues to stare him down.  Any thoughts?

well firstly I would say that you should seriously consider having her spayed very soon. At 6 months she could get pregnant if she got out and it can also make them behave more aggressilvily.

There could be an element of fear involved here. Often cats are aggressive due to fear than actual anger etc. Cats also react very strongly to scent and it could be that your father is using a new aftershave or soap etc which she finds upsetting. I know this sounds odd, but the only time my cat have ever, ever try to bite me was when I was wearing a strong perfume.

I would suggest that your father (when not wearing scent etc) tries periods of bonding with her. This has to be done on her terms and in her time. Please see my web page about bonding with a cat for more on this. here


Give her time and space and hopefully she will recover from her fear.
best wishes Kate  


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