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I recently moved into my first home w/ my cat and my fiance and his cat, since then we have had some issues with his cat. At first they didn't get along which was to be expected, they are both males. My cat is about 3 and his is about 7. We have 2 very accessible litter boxes yet his cat keeps pooping on our bed and the guest bed, we figured this may be a behavioral issue but aren't entirely sure. Also the other day this same cat peed in is food dish...Can you help me please?

yes this a territorial issue. I am assuming that both cats are neutered. if not then this would be the first thing to do a this will create many issues over the years which could result in some nasty fights and excessive scent marking etc.

I don't know how long the two cats have been together now or how you introduced them to each other, so i will have to just give you some general advice.

The best way to introduce cats to each other so that tensions are reduced is by introducing them over a period of a week in short bursts in a safe and non threatening environment. described here on my web page


Once the cats are not so worried about each other but the territory marking continues you will have to carry out several litter training sessions (may need repeating a few times depending on the individual cats involved and their temperament). this process is carried out in a confined space over a period of a week to allow the cat to settle down again and have less things to worry about and become familiar with their tray again. this process is described here


You may want to read the introduction page to this one first for some more background information about the issue


i hope I have covered all the bases, it is never a easy solution to to this problem and all cats react differently to other cats and situations, but the advice is generally accepted as the best way to try and sort this issue out.

best wishes kate


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