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I have recently become the foster parent of what we believe to be blind kitten.  She has her vet visit scheduled in about 10 days but wanted to know if you can give me any advise or raising a blind cat should I choose to keep her.  I am thinking that it won't be so easy to adopt out a blind kitten but realize through reading on tne internet that they can adapt easily.  She has already learned a lot and from day one has never missed the litter box even though she was born feral and not brought into a home until about 6 wks of age.  She does seem to be a bit of an ankle biter and finger biter (in a playful manner) so am trying to break this habit as well.  Any advice you can give would be appreicated.

well I have not had much experience with a blind cat myself so cannot give an specific advice regarding that.

however regarding the finger biting etc i can point you in the direction of my web page about how to try and stop this behaviour. It is all about positive and negative responses when the cat bites during play etc.


I know there are specific web sites that deal with disable pets etc, they may be better placed to advice regarding specific cat care for a blind cat.

best wishes Kate


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