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QUESTION: Hi Kate- I have 2 burmese cats who are 1 year old now & are brother & sister. The female suffers from Pica ( so I am told) & eats wool, materials, polystyrene & numerous other things. However more recently both cats have started urinating in the house in clothes, bags, paper etc. They do it right infront of you & shake their tails while doing it- which I dont normally see happen when they urinate outside. I cannot seem to get rid of the smell & have had to through out luggage which they have damage. Please could you suggest why this is happening? thanks Katie

This sounds like scenting to me. the shaking of the tail is normal when scenting.

There is always a reason why this behaviour starts the trick is finding out what could have happened or changed which has made your cats feel the need to scent their territory in order to make themselves feel secure and happy again in their home.

Because this problem need to be understood before any attempt at trying to change things, I have written a web page about the issue which also include a method for trying to return things to normal. i also have a page about how to get the smell out of clothes and furniture etc.  here are the pages and i hope they will be able to help you with your situation.

best wishes Kate

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QUESTION: Hi Kate, Thanks for your prompt reply. I have read the attached web pages & think the cause may be that they are being bullied by the 2 large cats next door. My cats are free to roam all day & mainly urinate outside ( i think) however around 9pm each evening I call them in & close the cat flap. They are then kept in a confined area & provided with a litter tray until the morning when they are let out again. They are constantly being chased by the cats next door, but it does not ever stop them going out. Also the cats next door & another cat have been comig into our house through the open back door or the cat flap & stealing their food. I intend to get a microchip cat flap to stop this & try to keep the door closed when we are not in the same room. They are due for boosters next week, so I will ask the vet to check them over too
I heard that I could by a pheramone spray or diffuser for the hosue which might help- do you know about this. Is there anything else you suggest I do?  Katie

I think you have hit the nail on the head and I would say that the main cause of the urinating in the home is the fact that these other cats get into the house. This would be a mjor concern for your cats.

i think what are going to do regarding the cat flap etc is spot on. All i can say is that as long as you give the house a thorough clean, especially around the cat flap area 9biarcarbonate of soda is a great deodoriser) then i would hope that your cats will settle down again. soon

best wishes Kate


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