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I Have a 3 year old desexed female cat Simba, she lives indoors and has never had health issues.  She is black and white domestic medium haired. Since 6 weeks, my boyfriend stays over 3 to 4 nights a week.  Simba seems happy and they are both affectionate to each other.
Last Wednesday Simba began to make a fuss urinating, going frequently (or trying) She also made a lot of mess with the substrate (its clean).  She then began meowing / crying at front door.  Friday I took her to the vet, they said it could be stress, tested urine and gave pain killers which I am continuing.  Tests were clear and over the weekend she seemed much better.  Monday when my boyfriend left the behaviour started again, meowing and making a fuss urinating.  Tuesday morning she actually urinated on one of my T-shirts.  She has never done this before.

I think it may be stress, I would like your opinion and advice.
Thanks in advance, Josie

Hi well if your vet does not think she has a urinary infection I would put this behaviour done to the fact that your boyfriend is staying over. Now cats can be affected by any changes to their environment and routine etc and although she is probably fine with your boyfriend the changes and different smells coming into the house will cause your cat to feel a little insecure.

Cats gets over this insecurity by scenting which helps to make the home smell more like them which in turn helps to calm them down. So I suspect this is what is happening here. It is a common issue and is nothing to worry about; hopefully she will relax after a while and return to normal.

You may want to give her a period of litter training again which may help her to relax. This process and more information about this issue can be found on my web page here


best wishes Kate


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