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Hi.  We have an 8 year old spayed short hair black cat.  She is allowed access up into our attic - as we live in the country and sometimes she hears mice up there.  Normally, she "asks" to be let up and does a quick investigation and if she can't find anything or goes for a quick sleep (!) she comes back down again.

Over the past few days however, she has been acting really strange.  She has been spending all her time up there only coming down to the kitchen for food and using her litter tray or quickly go outside.  We keep a litter tray in the kitchen in case we are away for longer than several hours and for overnight use, as we don't have a cat flap.  She goes outside most of the time.  Anyway, she has been very vocal recently and looks agitated and wants to keep her distance.  When we went up the attic to see what she was doing, she was just sleeping in a cosy corner or lying awake observing us.  Maybe she is just waiting for mice, but usually she would have given up days ago.  When she was eating in the kitchen, I closed the attic up, but she just ran through and wailed until I opened it up again!

tricky one to answer this as cats behaviours can change for no apparent reason other than they have just decided to change their routine. My own cat will do this from time to time.

My guess is that she definitely feels that there is something up there and she is lying in wait for it.

As long as she is eating , drinking and using the litter as normal and does not appear to be in distress etc then I would not worry and just put it down to the fact that she is a good hunter and enjoys the chase. She may also juts feel happier up there, i.e her place.

best wishes Kate


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