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My husband and I have three cats; Ana - Korat (age 8), Arazi - Bengal (age 5), and Kylie - Bengal (age 3). We got both Arazi and Kylie from breeders when they were very young and Ana was from the humane society (we got her when she was 2). All three got along really well for the past several years until early this morning. At 4:00am, I woke up to the sounds of what I thought were a bear fight. I've never heard cats make this kind of growling in my life. At first, I thought a badger or some type of animal got into the apartment and was attacking our cats. My husband and I raced into the living room to find Arazi and Ana hard-core fighting. There were wet spots all over the carpet where it looked like one of them sprayed/peed. I put Ana in one of the bathrooms, hoping the separation would calm them both. This morning, all seemed to be ok so I opened the door to the bathroom. As soon as the door was open, it was wrestlemania all over again. Ana and Arazi have lived peacefully together for five years so this incident came as a big shock to us. To make matters worse, we can't find Kylie. There's no way she could have snuck out of the apartment. We knew she was with us last night (saw her before we went to bed). We don't know if she was somehow involved in this fight and found the best hiding place on the planet. Regardless, we can't find her. About four months ago, we sold our house and moved into an apartment that is considerably smaller than our home (going from 3,000+ sq ft to 800 sq ft). The cats have been doing fine with everything until now. We are planning to make a trip to the vet tomorrow if there is no improvement. Any advice on how we can work to get the cats to be in the same room without killing each other? Have you ever heard of a cat hiding because of a fight? Thanks in advance.

well this could be something called aggression truama.It is caused when something frightens one of the cats and they take this fear out on the nearest cat, human etc even if they had nothing to do with it (or did, like they smell different etc).

The best way to help them is to give them a period apart maybe upto several days to allow them to fully calm down. then you start to reintroduce them again to each other but in a very slow and controlled manner. this gives them time to build confidence again in each other without the fear of injury. the process for this is described here on my web site.


I hope you find your other cat again soon and that things return to normal soon.

i also have another page about cat aggression which you may find of interest.


best wishes Kate


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