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I recently adopted a 11 week old kitten from PetSmart. She is doing well adjusting to her new home but I've noticed that her butt is always dirty. I know this sounds gross, but she always poop crusted on butt. Of course, it's very smelly. I've tried to rinse or wipe it off but she puts up a good fight. I've taken her to the vet and he said she may have diaherra. He gave me some medication to give her but it hasn't helped, yet. I haven't noticed in diaherra but she does poop a lot, more than I thought  a kitten would. The vet also said her butt looked irritated so maybe she does have a mild case of diaherra. I'm feeding her food I got from vet, which I assume is high quality, because my past cats had digestion issues and this food helps control that. I was just wondering if you had ever encounted this problem. I'm thinking that she hasn't mastered the art of grooming, yet. Otherwise, she's a healthy, playful kitten. She has to go back to the vet in about a week for shots and I will bring up the issue again if it has not resolved itself.
Thank you for your advice.

yes I have heard of this before, and yes you are right in a lot of your assumptions. She probably does not groom herself properly if at all, this may be because she did not spend enough time with her litter and mother and learnt how to care for herself.

it is also likely that she does have a upset tummy, this could be the change in homes and environements recently as well as the change in food. it can take a time to settle down. Perhaps feed her a very plain diet for a day or two to give her tummy time to settle down. See my page about cat diarrhoea for more information

you are doing all the right things in taking her to the vets, this is the best option for your kitten, speak to the vet about when to worm her etc too.

best wishes Kate


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