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I know you said you can't answer most veterinary questions, but you're the only cat expert available to answer questions, so if you can't answer I understand.

I took in a Mama cat, and her 2 female kittens that are 2 weeks old today, the mama cat is also nursing a Kitten a few days older than her kittens. (i just got them today)

The older kitten is about half the size of the other 2, he is still thesame size as a newborn, and he doesn't have any hair on his HUGE feet.

Do you have any ideas? I'll attach a picture of the kitten, and the kitten laying next to the other kittens a few days younger than him so you can get an idea of the size, and see his feet.

Kitten :
So you can see his feet:

Him laying w/ the 2 girls:

Thanks for any advice you can give (i am taking him to the vet soon, have to call to make an Appt later in the day when they're open)

well he could be the runt of the litter that he came from which may cause him to be smaller and more of a late developer than normal kittens.

To be honest with you it would probably be a good idea to have him looked at by a vet just in case he was the runt and may have other internal defects which are not always apparent at first.

Runts can have health issues through out there life and so it is always good ide to know what you are dealing with. however it is still possible that he would be able to lead a fairly normal life. As i say he may just be a late developer, but get him checked by a vet, he may be having probablems digesting food etc which could also cause his size issue.

best wishes Kate


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