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Cats/cat claw deformity?


A couple of months ago I tried "Soft Paws" (also called Soft Claws - they are plastic caps for cat claws).  My cat managed to remove them within a week or two, or at least I thought she had.  But I just found that one has been on one of her claws all this time.  It has apparently caused the claw to grow in far, far thicker than the rest.  It is also more curved.  It looks kind of like a parrot's beak.  She let me trim it and I was able to remove the nail cap.  But, the base of the claw still shows the same characteristics.  She doesn't seem to be hurting, I see no soars, redness, swelling or anyhting unususal besides the shape of the claw.  She has been walking normally all this time.  My questions are:  Should I be concerned about this?  If so, what should I do?  And is the condition permenant?

Thnak you so much!

hopefully now that you have removed the claw cap the cats nail will be able to grow normally and should eventually grow out again and return to normal. Luckily it doesn't seem to have affected her which is a good sign.

i wouldn't worry about this too much, as long as the cat is active still and does not show any signs of pain or discomfort i would hope that after a while the claw will grow out back to normal again.

best wishes Kate


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