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Cats/cat family fighting all of a sudden


Hi i have 3 male cats inside Spirit is the oldest he is fixed then the middle one is Shadow not fixed and then Rascal the youngest not fixed either they are Uncle brother brother they have all been together and all of a sudden the two little ones are fighting the oldest Spirit and i mean tearing up the house knocking stuff down i don't know what to do and i am having a hard time keeping them apart

I really do think it is because these two are not neutered. it is normal for tom cats to fight over territory even if they have lived together all there lives. instinct and hormones are far stronger than any relationship they may have built up.

After neutering you will have to give them all a period of re introduction to help build confidence again in each other. this can seem like a long time consuming process but it really is worth it in the long run to regain a harmonious home. this process is described here for reference


best wishes Kate


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