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Hi, I have a 6 year old brown tabby female (spayed) that has been our baby for about 3 years.  She has always been a little cranky.  I recently adopted a snowshoe female who about 1 1/2 years old.  The vet thinks she has not been spayed but isn't sure. I tried to follow advice and kept the cats separated and traded spaces, etc. before putting them together.  But Mandy (tabby) is very upset by the new kitty (Bella) and hisses and fights with her.  Bella is just a big, dumb (I say that lovingly) kitty who is playful but she is already the bigger cat.  It has been about two months now.  We also had a visiting dog and a vacation (cats left alone with friends tending to them) in between all of this. It seems like Mandy has staked out territory in my bedroom and Bella the family room.  Mandy is inside and outside.  Bella has been kept in.  I just would like to have my Mandy back!  It makes me sad that she is so unhappy.  We thought Bella would be company for her when we are gone.  Can you give me any tips on what to do next to help the adjustment?  Thanks, Brenda

well all I can say is that unfortunately there are never any guarantees that two cats will get along with each other. the best we can hope for sometimes is they at least tolerate each other.

i have a page on my website that describes a process for introducing cats to each other. It is a slow controlled process that is rather labour intensive on your part but does really help the cats to build confidence in each other without the fear of fights etc.

here is the page


I hope things work out for you all in the end.

best wishes Kate


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